Letitia Plummer provides innovative, sustainable solutions for Houston’s Infrastructure

Houston is a thriving and continuously growing city, and as the fourth largest in the United States, its infrastructure should support residential, commercial and industrial expansion. The city’s infrastructure has a direct impact on the personal and economic health of our region, but natural disasters aging, and unrestrained development have affected the city’s fundamental systems and caused them to fail or underperform.

As an active member of several boards, I often strategize and plan for the long-term resiliency and sustainability of the organizations by providing targeted solutions. While volunteering in the aftermath of Harvey, I saw firsthand how the delivery of emergency supplies and medical care was delayed, because of infrastructure issues. I know that our city cannot continue with its current system. We need flood mitigation without hurting home affordability or Houston’s growth trajectory. Our systems need future-proofing so that they are resilient and reliable in the face of adverse climate conditions.

In my private practices, I always keep abreast of innovations and technology that help to improve the quality and standards of my businesses. Our city’s continued use of fossil fuels is impacting the environment and the health of Houston’s residents. To improve our energy efficiency, without comprising the aesthetics of our landscapes or buildings, we need to employ the use of sustainable designs with renewable energy. The expansion of existing highways and the building of new ones, to accommodate Houston’s population growth, has led to extended travel time, and congestion, which calls for integrated transportation systems.
It is my promise to evaluate our infrastructure for its condition, capacity and funding so that it can handle all current and future challenges. Where there is a need for replacement, I will provide innovative, sustainable solutions, that have a continued, positive social, economic, and environmental benefit to our city.

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