I am Dr. Letitia Plummer, a mom, business owner and healthcare professional with deep family roots in
Houston. I have spent the last few years being an advocate for change, a supporter of good deeds and the voice for the voiceless. This has given me different kinds of passion- the passion to serve others.

In 2018, during my Congressional race, when I met people, I repeatedly heard about issues that were local. There was a disconnect between events in D.C, nationally and our city. People were looking for change to happen in their streets, in their communities, and in their neighborhoods, and we’re looking for those changes to happen quickly. As I volunteered in the community, I realized that If I wanted to make a difference and see the results, then I needed to start right here, with our city. That is why I am running for Houston City Council at large Position 4. I have the confidence, drive, and determination to be of service and make a difference in our city. I want to create opportunities for Houston that gives our residents access to transportation, health care, employment, and affordable housing. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

I am Dr. Letitia Plummer and I am your candidate for Houston City Council at large Position 4.