Healthcare is a basic human right. The Affordable Care Act has an opportunity to be competitive by establishing a public option.

I value our collective ability to hold government accountable for our health, safety, and access to innovation. How  will we actually get this done? Why is it so important right now?

The World Economic Forum recognizes the disruption in our markets due to emerging technology and innovation in medicine. Governments have a responsibility to make sure access and use of these products and services are fair, safe, and accessible to everyone. We must have representation that is accountable to its people. “Ultimately, the ability of government systems and public authorities to adapt will determine their survival. If they prove capable of embracing a world of disruptive change, subjecting their structures to the levels of transparency and efficiency that will enable them to maintain their competitive edge, they will endure. If they cannot evolve, they will face increasing trouble.”

What does this mean? It means that the conversation about healthcare affordability, safety, and access in America is one that we must mandate our government representatives get right. It means we may not see the stability in the market our forefathers had. It means we are in a new day with new issues and we have to make decisions that meet new needs. It means you have the obligation to send a person to represent you who understands healthcare access, delivery, and policy from the inside-out.

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