I value a community that leads the charge to think about its future in a way that is inclusive, strategic, and secure. If we can get out of party politics for a moment and think about outcomes, we’ll see that the only way we can have a sustainable future is to invest everything we have into preserving our history and protecting our children.

The U.S. economy is built on innovation, invention, supply and demand. We must always remain ahead of our ability to create new products and services and produce them based on the demand. Education is the place in our society that is intended to give our children the space to learn how to develop and maintain these skills in a competitive way. While communities are responsible for implementing the outcomes, our government must be accountable for safe and modern access of education to all Americans.

District 22 has the strength of a vital workforce. Let’s behave with a sustainable future in mind by investing in debt-free access to higher education so our children can get to the work at hand.

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