Are we using our resources wisely to make sure we are prepared for a sustainable future for our community?

I am the only candidate with both private and public sector experience. We cannot afford to ignore what’s coming because we do not understand it. I recognize we are a community with excellent human and capital resources and intend to protect what we have while making space for our children to be able to compete in an environment we simply haven’t seen before.

Our economy must make dollars and sense by being more inclusive of women, using all of our knowledge across generations, being actively conscious of culture, and providing new ways to inspire innovation and invention.

I value the use of collective resources in a responsible way that serves all of us, not just the ones who have access. Throughout history, the communities that have been able to figure out how to use collective impact are the ones who set new standards for the rest of the world. District 22 is the epicenter of this vision for Texas, and it deserves to have representation that understands the complexities.

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