Letitia Plummer is a successful business owner with a sound record of community service.

A business owner, mom, and volunteer with deep roots in the Houston community, Letitia Plummer brings a healthy mixture of knowledge and experience to City of Houston At-Large Position 5.

Letitia Plummer was born to an African American father and a Yemeni Indian mother in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. She spent her childhood and early years in Houston before graduating from Atlanta’s historic Spelman College. Letitia Plummer returned to Houston to start her first business, called Safe Hands, selling latex gloves. During this time, she learned the difficulties of starting a new business but soon understood that with careful planning, and the right tools, success was guaranteed.

Soon after, Letitia Plummer graduated from the Baylor College of Dentistry, to follow in her father’s footsteps. She opened her dental practice. Combined with her prior successful business experience, Letitia Plummer also excelled in dentistry. She received several awards, including Top Professionals on the Fast Track and Houston’s Top Dentist. Currently, Letitia Plummer owns and operates two specialty Dental Practices in the Houston and Pearland areas, and has been treating patients in both the private and public sector for the past twenty years.

Letitia Plummer’s varied skill set has meant that she shares her expertise with many organizations. As a visionary, she has been an essential part of the planning committee for the Houston Women’s March. She has utilized her business management experience and clinical skills as a member of the PBR board that manages six public healthcare centers. Additionally, Letitia Plummer is on of board for the United Healthcare Partners where she initially started as a volunteer after Hurricane Harvey. A personal experience led Letitia Plummer to write Texas House Bill 1704, which she successfully managed to pass in 2014 and 2015. As the Founder and President of the Brazoria chapter of the League of Women Voters, Letitia has collaborated with community leaders and members to keep them informed and engaged in the voting process.

Outside of work, Letitia is an active community volunteer in many organizations. During Hurricane Harvey, while volunteering, she saw how businesses and residents suffered losses. This led her to volunteer on a special project with the Red Cross. In the aftermath of Harvey, she saw firsthand, how health services were interrupted in some areas, so Letitia offered her dental services to a clinic serving less privileged Harvey victims. She continues devoting her time to both these projects.

A single mother, Letitia Plummer raised her three sons with the same values that she has. Every holiday period, they partner with a Houston based organization to provide much-needed help and food within the Houston community.

Letitia Plummer currently lives in Harris County, with her sons and two rescued dogs. She looks forward
to serving the Houston community.

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